Lady Cottington's Fairy Album

Lady Cottington\'s Fairy Album
ISBN-13: 9780810932944 Publisher: Abrams, Harry N., Inc. Publication date: 10/28/2002 Pages: 64 Product dimensions: 9.50 (w) x 12.32 (h) x 0.50 (d) Brian Froud As this quirky, outlandish, and seductive new installation in the saga of Lady Angelica Cottington begins, the young Lady C discovers a secret diary written by her long-lost sister, Euphemia. Unlike Angelica, whose most gleeful pastime involves squashing faeries flat (a pastime that made her Pressed Faery Book an international phenomenon), Euphemia writes about a personal and shockingly intimate relationship with the faeries. Appalled as she reads her sister's tales of photographing the faeries, prancing barefoot with them, showing off her knickers, chanting off-color rhymes, and dancing under the moon with a mysterious shining man, the proper Victorian lass Angelica finds herself drawn into the shadowy secrets of the Cottington family -- even as she desperately tries to squash those faeries who lead her to the terrible truth. A followup to Froud's wildly successful Lady Cottington's Pressed Faery Book, this new volume showcases his hilarious and mind-bogglingly imaginative faery art. Faeries snickering, faeries defiant, faeries in the buff, and, of course, faeries squashed, they're all here and funnier than ever. This new volume also provides revolutionary evidence of the true existence of faeries in the form of never-before-seen Victorian-era photographs of actual faeries, taken by Euphemia Cottington. Notes left for Euphemia by the faeries have also been preserved within the pages of this extraordinary diary, an artifact that, experts predict, will radically alter our contemporary understanding of the secret world of the faeries.
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